According to the Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations 2014, we are a principle name engaged in providing Stack Emission Monitoring Services to our clients in Selangor, Malaysia. Our valued clients can avail Stack Emission Monitoring Services from us at market leading prices. In Stack Emission Monitoring sampling is done under two method i.e. isokinetic and non isokinetic methods to measure the pollutants that are emitted out of industrial processes and fuel combustion. Dark Smoke Observation test is conducted by us for measuring pollution, checking the status of equipment’s manufactured, fuel saving, statutory compliance and internal audit.

Dark Smoke Observation:

The smoke emitted from a source is to be measured with a Ringelmann Chart which to be held or fixed in a position facing the observer and is to be in line with the observer and the source under observation. The darkness of the smoke at the point where they leave the source is to be compared with the shade on the chart.

The shade of the lowest number on the chart, which is equal to or darker than appearance of the smoke, shall be taken as the measurement of the dark smoke. The shade number so determined, together with time of duration of the emissions of the dark smoke at that shade, is to note.