Demonstration Of Safe Operation (DOSO) assessment is for non-major hazard installation as stipulated in Occupational Safety and Health (Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards) Regulations 1996 or CIMAH regulations. DOSO is applied to an industry activity where the hazardous substance in the CIMAH regulations is less than the specified threshold quantity and more than 10% of the threshold quantity.

A manufacturer who falls under DOSO shall, at any time, show that he has:
  • 1. Identify the possible major accident hazards; and
  • 2. Taken adequate steps to:
  • • prevent any major accident or minimize its consequences to persons and the environment; and
  • • provide persons working on the site with the information, training, and equipment necessary to ensure their safety; and
  • 3. Prepared and kept up to date an adequate on-site emergency plan detailing how major accidents will be dealt with.

The content of the DOSO safety report shall be in accordance to the requirements of Schedule 6, CIMAH Regulation 1996.