We are determined to be the benchmark of quality within our industry by being the most innovative, diversified environmental consulting firm in Malaysia. To achieve this position we have become a customer-orientated enterprise, committed to technical excellence with significant resources devoted to building an array of new techniques and services.

We are committed to embracing modern technology and providing our clients with state of the art of occupational safety, health and environmental monitoring and laboratory testing solutions.

The philosophy of the company is to provide technical services & commitment to be a preferred sub-contractor and vendor of choice, through providing excellence & value-added engineering services to meet the stringent demand and standard of our customer.


By providing the highest quality of service to our clients and maintaining high levels of professional ethics and admirable core values, our vision is to be top of the list of preferred strategic partners in the field of occupational safety, health and environmental legal compliance, monitoring, testing and consultation services.

With more than 10 years of experiences in various Engineering Services, the SEE Laboratory has achieved a high degree of success with our principles in Engineering Design, Drawing, Fabrication and Installation, upgrading techniques and equipment to cater for our ever increasing and challenging industries.