As Stated in Occupational Safety and Health (Noise Exposure) Regulations 2019, an Employer shall carry out Noise risk Assessment at workplace and must comply with the following limits:-

  1. Daily Noise exposure level exceeding 85 db(A) or daily personal noise dose exceeding hundred per cent;
  2. The maximum sound pressure level exceeding 115db(A) at any time; or
  3. The Peak sound pressure level exceeding 140 dB(C)

Noise risk assessment is limited to one or more representative employee from group of employee performing same work.

The Assessment would be carried out according to DOSH Requirement As per Occupational Safety and Health (Noise Exposure) Regulations 2019.

Assessment must carried out by DOSH Registered Noise Competent Person.

The Noise survey should cover all possible noise source (Machines), Area (Working Sections) and Employee Noise Monitoring.